Happy Valentine Day Message Images

hear love couple on valentine

48+2 Members can sit in a Bus,
5+1 can sit in a Car,
3+1 can sit in an auto,
1+1 can sit in a Bike,
Only 1 can sit in my Heart,
That's 'U' My dear Valentine.

U r d beat of my heart
Lover of my soul
I'll never leave U
& never want to U let go

U r d beat of my heart
d 1 that make me sing
d 1 who makes me smile
& I never seem to cry

U r d beat of my heart
d 1 I really love
Don't let me out of Ur sight
For I'm yours by heart

“Happy Valentine's Day”

Valentine day sms 2016 quotes

I need friend, U R here with me.
I need help, U R here with me.
I need someone who care, U R here with me.
I need someone who luv, U R here with me.
I need someone who special, U also R here with me.
I miss U so much.. Valentine’s day sms 2016.

Do you know that beside valentine day,?
the whole week (infect 2 weeks) is dedicated for various purpose,
have a look at the list below: -
7 Feb Rose Day,
8 Feb Propose Day,
9 Feb Chocolate Day,
10 Feb Teddy Day,
11 Feb Promise Day,
12 Feb Kiss Day,
13 Feb Hug Day,
15 Feb Slap Day,
16 Feb Kick Day,
17 Feb Perfume Day,
18 Feb Flirting Day,
19 Feb Confession Day,
20 Feb Missing Day,
21 Feb Break Up.

Moon sun star valentine images

This is a moon which learns from you,
That is a sun which respects you,
There are stars which shine for you,
And here, It’s me who live for you.
Happy Valentine’s Day!

I wish you were my Valentine
Though I may not be yours,
And I may, in my ignorance,
Be speaking to closed doors.
I have no inkling of your heart,
No hint what you might say;
But when I think of you the sun
Will just not go away.

pray to god in valentine

Young Boys praying 2 “GOD”
please give me a beautiful G.F,
on upcoming “Valentine’s day”
God replied:- sorry already 2 million Boys are waiting for…!

Valentine's day is only a few days away.
So remember, it's not too late to break up and save money.
Maybe you catch a bigger fish on this day.
Happy Valentine's day!

heart art special valentine photo quotes

Feelings are always the same,
Saying it could be in different ways,
Some say it directly are called 'LOVERS',
Some write them on paper & are called 'POETS' =)
“Happy Valentine’s Day”

Valentine's Day special gift IDEA:
1. Ask your wife what she wants.
2. Buy online.
3. Enter Your In-laws address.
4. Select 'Cash On Delivery'.
Happy Valentine's day!... very funny valentine day SMS.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Best Friend

Animated Birthday Wishes for Bet Friend

Hope your Special Day,
Brings you all that your Heart Desires,
Here’s wishing you a day Full of Pleasant Surprises!
Happy birthday! My Friend!

Funny Cartoon Doctor Patient Jokes

Cute Nurse Interview Jokes Photos

A Cute Nurse came 4 the interview.
Doctor: What salary do you expect?
Nurse: 10,000 ₹.
Doctor was overjoyed & said: My Pleasure.
Nurse: With Pleasure its 25,000 ₹.

Good Morning Quotes in हिन्दी

Latest Good Morning Quotes

पंछीयो का मधुर स्वर ये पैगाम दे आपको,
की सूरज की हर किरण तेज दे आपको,
फुलो को हर कली खुशबु दे आपको,
हम तो कुछ देने के काबिल नही,
उपर वाला जिंदगी की हर खुशी दे आपको..!
आपको प्यारा सा गुड मॉर्निंग!

Good Night Quotes in हिंदी with Images

Animated Good Night Images

कब उनकी पलको से इज़हार होगा,
दिल के किसी कोने मे हमारे लिए प्यार होगा,
गुज़र रही है रात उनकी यादों मे,
कभी उनको भी हमारा इंतजार होगा..!
गुड नाइट डियर!

Funny English Jokes

Beautiful Girl Suicides Funny Joke English

Boy: Where are you going now?
Girl: For Suicide..
Boy: Then, Why so much Make-up?
Girl: You Idiot... Tomorrow My Photo will come in Newspaper..!

Funny Jokes in Hindi

Girl Boy Best Joke Lol

लड़का लड़की को देखने गया, और उसका पहला सवाल ही आख़िरी बन गया...
जब उसने पूछा...
"क्या तुम इंग्लीश हेंडल कर लेती हो..?"
और लड़की बिंदास होकर बोली... "सोडा हो तो देसी भी चल जाती है.."

Thoughts on Life Images

Best Life Success Inspirational Thought Quote

"When you rehearse success in your mind, you experience success in your life."
~ Unknown Author ~

Funny Bank Jokes Photos

Husband wife bank money jokes

Wife called her husband,
Wife: honey where are you?
Husband: I'm at the bank.
Wife: dear, please I need 3000 rupees to activate my blackberry,
5000 to do my hair and,
10,000 Rupees to buy a dress,
Husband: sorry, I meant I was at the "bank" of a river.
Do you want fish to cook?

I Love you Shayari in Hindi

kissing lovers best shayari

Jaam pe jaam peene se kya fayeda,
Raat guzri to utar jayegi,
Kisi ki aankhon se peeyo khuda ki kasam,
Umar saari nashe mein guzar jayegi !

Girl Boy Whatsapp Jokes

Height of smiley Jokes photo

Girl : व्हाट्स यॉर नेम??
Boy:- Six Gun.
Girl : यह क्या है..?
Boy:- छगन
Girl:- तुम मेरे टीचर बनॉगे??
Boy:- क्यों?
Girl:- Cow Dance के लिए.
Boy:- अब यह क्या है!!!
Girl:- गाइडेन्स क लिए.

Ganesh Chaturthi Wishes Messages

special wishes on ganesh chaturthi photos

May Lord Ganesha bestow you with eternal bliss, peace and contentment!
A very happy and blessed Ganesh Chaturthi to you and your family!
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