Good Morning! Have a Nice Day!

Morning is not only sun rise but A Beautiful Miracle of god Good Morning Friends

Morning is Not Only Sun Rise,
A Beautiful Miracle of God,
That Defeats Darkness And Spread Light,
This May Be a Very Beautiful Day for You...!
Good Morning! Have a Nice Day!
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  1. Tere Chehre Ki Chamak Sadaa Bani Rahe,
    Hansi In Labon Pe Hamesha Saji Rahe,
    Dur Rakhe Khuda Saare Gamon Se Tujhe,
    Khushi Tere Daman Mein Sadaa Bhari Rahe...

    Good Morning

  2. its true... Morning defeats darkness and spread light. very nice good morning sms

  3. Kyun Mushkilon Mein Saath Dete Hain Dost
    Kyun Gham Ko Baant Lete Hain Dost
    Na Rishta Khoon Ka Na Riwaaz Se Bandha
    Phir Bhi Zindagi Bhar Saath Dete Hain Dost!

    Good Morning

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  5. Wauter
    Thanks, for Giving such nice response to Us.


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